Whatcha Gonna Do With All That Rice?

Sylvia's Simple Rice Pudding

When I was growing up my mama cooked seven nights a week.  I’m talking complete dinners from scratch.  Every. Single. Night!  Unfortunately for my family, I hate to cook and when I do it’s usually frozen or from a can.  Can you say bad mommy?

Besides making delicious nightly dinners, my mama was a genius (as was her mama – my Granny) when it came to using leftovers.  My mama and my Granny both cooked supper big enough to feed an entire neighborhood, so there were always leftovers in our home.  Both of these wonderful cooks could find a way to turn leftovers into a brand new meal without anyone  knowing any different.

One of my favorite leftover dishes was what mama called “turkey hash.”  Turkey hash was a once a year meal made from the leftover Thanksgiving turkey.  It consisted of chopped up turkey swimming in creamy white gravy served over cooked white rice.  To top it off, she would make her delicious homemade biscuits so we could soak up every drop of goodness.  It was divine and not in the least bit fattening (ha!).

And speaking of rice…another of her magic and delicious leftover recipes was rice pudding.  Now, in my house we don’t have many leftovers (two teenage boys and a husband), but we did happen to have leftover white rice from dinner a few nights ago, so I decided to use it to make rice pudding.  The recipe was quick, easy and required just a few ingredients and turned out perfectly.  It was delicious…even hubby and my youngest son said so (my oldest son will not touch a leftover under any circumstance).

You know, I’m beginning to like replicating mama and granny’s recipes…especially when they’re quick, easy and turn out perfectly!  Here’s the link to Sylvia’s Simple Rice Pudding

What about you?  Can you work magic with leftovers?  Leave me a comment and let me know or just to say hey.

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6 Responses to Whatcha Gonna Do With All That Rice?

  1. Ruth says:

    My magic was teenagers that made them disappear. Unfortunately, they grew up and married. Now, I am looking for new kinds of magic. Looking forward to more ideas.

  2. That looks delish Diane. I have never had rice pudding. :( Gonna have to whip this one up!

    I am pretty good with leftover magic. Since the fam is not crazy about eating the same thing twice I try to make dish #2 completely different. My fave is to use left over pork roast or chicken and make lettuce wraps. Yum!

    Also, Robin Miller as several Quick Meal books and she creates neat leftover dishes. :)

  3. Okay friend…I have a surprise for you over at my place! :) xoxo

  4. Sendie-Lou says:

    I am so not good with leftovers! I need to learn how to re purpose them to make a brand new meal, unfortunately that part of talent is still sleeping inside me no matter how many rachel ray shows I watched! :) I definately will try this recipe and I will report back to you. :)

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